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Are you wondering which rollers to get? For similar garage door matters, refer to our tips

Dealing with garage door track related problems

When your door refuses to open or close, check the rollers and tracks for any obstruction. Clean and lubricate them regularly. However, if there are dents or bent track, our garage door specialist advices that these should be left to professionals like them.

Keeping your garage door spring in good condition

Garage door springs are very hazardous to deal with. You may do regular maintenance like cleaning and lubricating but be very careful not to accidentally release the tension. Do not even attempt to replace or repair worn out garage door torsion springs.

Inspecting your garage door opener sensors

When conducting visual inspection of your garage door parts, be sure to also check the immediate vicinity of your garage door. Check for hanging tree branches and other things that could obstruct the garage door opener sensor. Be sure that the sensors are aligned at all times. Some door problems are caused by simple hindering of the sensors.

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