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At the Garage Door Guys Montclair we are commonly known as the Garage Door Opener specialists.  It is true that our garage door company specializes in garage door openers; but then of course we specialize in all of the garage door services we have to offer our customers.  However, it can truly be said that we are proud of the garage door opener service we provide.  Our customers in the Montclair community have come to respect our garage door contractor and we have come to respect our customers as well.

Located in San Bernardino County; Montclair California is thought to have a growing population of around 36,000 residents. 

Garage Door OpenerAlthough I cannot state with any certainty how many of those residents own garages; I feel it is safe to say that there are thousands.  Our garage door company in Montclair is proud to offer our superb garage door services to each and every one of them.  Some of the places to visit in our Montclair community would be the Gomez Elezier which is a very nice art museum.  If you like game stores then Gameology is one of the largest you will ever see.  At our garage door repair company in Montclair we are proud to call this community our home.

If there is one product that the residents of Montclair value dramatically over anything else in their garage it is the garage door opener. This magnificent piece of electronic gadgetry has made the opening and closing of the garage door much easier for decades.  Our garage door contractor in Montclair is proud to proclaim that on any given day there are very few garage door companies that offer the outstanding brand name garage door opener products that we provide for our customers.

We are talking about brand names that our customers have trusted for many years.  Some of which have become house hold names.  It is our sentiment that great garage door service begins with the product that you provide. Here is a list of some of our outstanding garage door openers:

  •     Sears garage door opener
  •     Craftsman garage door opener
  •     Genie garage door opener
  •     Liftmaster garage door opener
  •     Chamberlain garage door opener
  •     Marantec garage door opener

At the heart of these garage door openers is a drive motor that turns the cog, which turns the pulley, which pulls the spring and lifts the door.   There happens to be three drives that you can choose from and here they are:

  •     Belt drive – you may very well part with more money for this drive; but if it is a quiet garage door opener that you desire; then this is the way to go.
  •     Chain drive – if your sleeping quarters are anywhere in the vicinity of the garage you might want to think twice before mounting this drive.  It should be the cheapest of the three; but it will also be the noisiest.
  •     Screw drive – this drive is not the noisiest; nor is it the quietest.  This drive is located somewhere in the middle of the two; both noise and cost wise.

These drives all work on the same principle.  Rather it is the chain, belt or screw it will turn the cog/pulley that begins the movement of the garage door.  Our garage door techs can repair, replace or install these openers like no one in the business and it is recommended that you always have a professional do so.  In addition, we offer garage door opener troubleshooting to detect any problems your old garage door product might be experiencing.

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