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Our service technicians are highly qualified in handling all types of garage door spring services.

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If you are looking for a garage door springs company you can trust then you don't have to look any further than broken spring repair Montclair.  Through a lot of hard work we have developed a reputation for being the garage door company to turn too in this community.  The foundation of our business lay in our staff and crew who are on the front lines everyday delivering exceptional customer service that reflects well upon our garage door springs company.  When it comes to garage door springs replacement there is no one quite like our broken spring repair contractor.  We listen to our customers and they told us they wanted access to our service 24/7 so we established an emergency garage door service that is available around the clock.  Our customers told us they wanted quick service so we established our same day service plan.  That is why we are number one.Garage Door Springs

Montclair, California is a relatively small city with a population of nearly 38,000 residents. 

It is a beautiful community though and our garage door springs replacement Montclair company is proud to provide garage door springs service to the community.

We probably work on garage door springs more than any other part of the garage door system.  It is not that these parts are built weak; but they are under a lot of stress.  They are designed to last for about 10,000 cycles; but daily wear and tear does takes its toll.  The two types of springs used on garage doors are the extension spring and the torsion spring.  Both of these springs are exceptional products.  The extension is used for light weight doors and is mounted at the far left and the far right about at the center of the door.  The torsion is used for heavy doors and is mounted at the left and right center for added leverage.

It should be noted that garage door springs come in pairs just like your automobile brakes.  When one goes bad it is best to provide broken spring replacement on both.  At Garage door spring Montclair we offer exceptional work at prices you can afford.  Our garage door company provides garage door springs service to both commercial and residential customers.  It should be mentioned that commercial doors are often larger and take more springs then a residential door.

Garage door springs have to be wound very tight to meet industry specifications.  There must be extreme tension in these springs in order for them to work properly.  If someone is installing these springs and does not have the appropriate experience to do the job correctly; that individual could be hurt or even killed should a spring snap back.  It is recommended that a professional always handle the installation and replacement of garage door springs  for safety and precision.

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