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Montclair can trace its roots back to roughly 1897, although Native Americans were likely in the area long before that.  Today it boasts a modest population of around thirty six thousand and is made up of almost ten thousand households spanning a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.  While the diversity of ethnicities in the area is profound, it has nothing on the amount of variety that may be present when you need garage door repair Montclair.  There are many, many different things that could be wrong with a garage door and determining just what the problem is will be the first step that a repairman takes to get your door back where it should be.

Garage DoorsIf you're dealing with a garage door repair Montclair need, these are just a few of the most common problems that you may end up having to overcome.

Genie Repair

Genie is really just a name brand for one of the various openers that a garage door may be connected to, but it's still a common problem worth mentioning.

Garage Door Motor Repair

The motor in question is housed in the garage door opener, and if it's damaged then you may be facing a serious problem.  There's a chance it's a minor issue, but a new opener may be in your future.

Broken Garage Door Hinge

In some cases a garage door repair Montclair may be as minor as a damaged hinge preventing the door from moving in the track properly.  Luckily this is a simple fix.

Broken Garage Door Glass

The windows in your garage door are just that – windows, and they can easily become broken and be in need of repair.

 Garage Door Panel Repair

Similarly, the panels of your garage door could become dented or damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

Broken Spring Replacement

Broken springs are a common garage door repair issue but one that still need the skilled hands of a professional in order to fully repair.

Garage Door Cable Repair

The cable that pulls your garage door up and down may become broken, tangled, or otherwise damaged as well.  If so, you'll need it to be fixed.

Garage Door Tracks

If the guide tracks are bent or damaged then they could prevent the door from opening as well.

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