Your Garage Door Helps Make a Safe Haven for Valuables

Your Garage Door Helps Make a Safe Haven for Valuables

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While the garage is specifically designed to safeguard your car from the weather, many people store valuable tools and other articles in it. You can often see that the main point of entry into the building needs to be kept secure to keep your belongings safe.

Your Cars

Your Garage Door Helps Make a Safe Haven for ValuablesYour automobile was a big investment and you wish to keep it safe from weather, damage, and possible theft. So you store it overnight off your driveway. Most garages protect your car from the elements, even a heavy rainstorm with high winds. On a day-to-day basis, the door of your garage, when closed protects your vehicle from dust, pollen, and blowing debris. At night, storing a car undercover behind a solid door can make theft of the vehicle nearly impossible or you can protect it by installing other alarms and security measures.


Many homeowners store their lawn equipment and power tools or hand tools in the garage. It is often designed with workbenches, tool cabinets, and more to give your tools a good home. These items are protected by your strong garage door. Not only does the door protect them from the weather, it also stymies theft or borrowing of the expensive tools when you aren’t home. If they are adequately secured behind a garage with a doorwith an electronic opener, access is virtually denied to people who don’t know the code or don’t have the remote control in hand. Such facilities are generally more secure than sheds and other outbuildings due to the close proximity of the garage to the home, as many are situated a short distance away or are integral to the house.

Attic Access

Many homes are built with attics or crawl spaces over the garage. And many homeowners store valuable keepsakes and household articles in the space. Access to this space is through a hole in the ceiling and, in some cases, a folding staircase. Other people use a ladder to get to the attic. If it weren’t for your garage door being locked, anyone could get into your attic or crawl space. Persons with bad intent can access the rest of your home, especially where the garage is connected to the main portion of the house. Having a strong entry system, with a good lock or an electronic garage door opener is a security solution for your property.

Whatever you store in your garage, from your car to your chain saw, protect it from damage and theft with a well-maintained, secure door and entry system.

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